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Lab has established an advanced research laboratory for physics, chemistry and computers. Measurement techniques in chemistry, physics and computers lab are currently being established.
Studying for a Computer is exciting enough as it will open the doors to very exiting jobs. It is truly amazing to catch the trend with Sethu Academy. Sethu Academy takes care to maximize the learning opportunities by keeping up-to-date and continuous with highly qualified and richly experienced faculty to meet the present requirement at global scenario.
Laboratories are well equipped with sophisticated instruments and machineries to impart Practical learning to meet global standards. The primary focus of the Chemistry Laboratories is to develop answers to research questions both for energetic materials and other materials. The synthesis of new energetic materials, their testing and performance products are analyzed to provide safety information.
A complete range of Physics Lab Equipment. The Physics Lab Equipment forming part of our collection has been designed keeping in view the convenience of scientists and students, is centre of excellence in developing and applying the most accurate measurement standards, science and technology.
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