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People are often confused that duals in Bits-Pilani are same as duals in other engineering colleges. There is a lot of difference.

To start with the Dual degrees are mostly M.Sc(Hons) degree...i.e. they are Science degrees and are not engineering dual degrees like M.Tech(i.e. B.Tech + M.Tech)

After the completion of your first year you will be given a dual degree in an engineering stream depending on your performance in first year . For example if you joins M.Sc.(Hons) Mathematics and after first year you cant get any dual in a engineering stream like EEE,EIE,CSE I mean any branch

All students irrespective of the degree they join in the campus do the same courses in first year ( except C group)

Though dual degree is for 5 years you spend your final year(i.e. 5th year) in a company doing your internship with decent pay or you have an option to do a thesis which is very helpful for getting admission into better colleges for MS

Apart from that you can do an engineering dual i.e. one engineering dual with another.There are people in the campus who are doing Computer science with EEE dual and they pass out in 5 years

Dual degree means B.E. with P.G. which is a '5' year course

Join P.G. course with BITSAT score only

All students irrespective of the degree they choose in the first year (except 'c' group) they have common syllabus in the first year

Advantages of dual degrees

At the end of 5 years you get two degrees along with a Masters degree in Science.

The Science degree courses are in no way related to the Engineering degree courses except for few courses which are common for every student irrespective of his/her degree.So you can portray yourself as a Masters in Science or just as an Engineer or both.

A dual degree means a study of two different fields so it helps a lot for higher studies where interdisciplinary research is given lot of importance.

Disadvantages of Dual degrees

The pressure to get a good dual degree is high as there is huge competition (Every person who comes to Bits is a good student in his / her school so obviously the level of competition is high).

You have a placement option of only one week(coz you will be doing your intern) while engineering group people stay on the campus complete sem for their placements...many dualites do a thesis on campus rather than intern so that they can stay for placements the whole sem..also many dualites get their jobs during their internship(PS-2)

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